Lab Extrusion Equipments

• Fully computerized Lab Extruders for testing and calculating FPV (Filter Pressure Value) of pigments / additives.

• Fully computerized Lab Extruders for studying Rheological properties of polymers.

• Twin screw Lab Extruders for formulations and compounding studies.

• Blown film, pipe, tube, sheet, monofilament attachments to Lab Extruder.

• Pilot Extrusion Plants.

• Lab Extruders for elastomeric extrusion studies.

• Lab Extruders for Food and Pharma Industries.

Lab Equipments for Mining Industries

• Ore Digesters with 2, 4 and 6 Pressure Cups for Bauxite & Alumina.

Commercial Plants

Extrusion Plants for

• LD/LLD/HM/PP Blown films.

• Laterals for drip irrigation, pharma tubes, special ID section tubes for solar applications, PVC sleevings, etc.

• PVC braided pipes, garden hoses, and high pressure tubes.

• Noodlizers for pigment industries.

Allied Equipments

• Twin screw Sigma Mixer for plasticizing smallest quantities (50-60 gms) of Master Batches, Plast-alloys, Compounding with additives.

• Stability testing of PVC compounds.

• 2 Roll/ 3 Roll mills.

• 2 Roll/ 3 Roll mills.

• High Speed Mixer for Lab (500gms)

• Mini Injection moulding Machine / Hand Moulding Machine for Lab.

• Noodlizers with hot air conveyer belts for drying pigment cakes.