About Us

About Us

• Ours is a Private Limited Company registered with ROC, Govt. of India.

• We are specialized in Lab Single/Twin Extruders for research and development work in fields like

  • Plastics & polymers
  • Colour and additive master batches
  • Foods and pharma
  • Agriculture and bio-technology
  • Stability check for PVC compounds
  • Software applications with data storing and graphical presentation with super imposing facility

  • The areas of application:

    • Universities

    • Engineering colleges and polytechnics

    • National Technological Institutions

    • Indian Institutes of Technologies (IITs)

    • Defense Research Laboratories

    • Space Research Laboratories

    • National Chemical/Physical Laboratories

    • Corporates having own R & D laboratories

    • Food and pharma Laboratories

    Our Team

    • Highly qualified and thoroughly experienced technical and marketing staff.

    • Good association with hard core engineers and management consultants

    • Good approach to univercities, national institutions, engineering colleges, polytechnics, IITs, corporates and multinationals.